I'm getting real about money, fear, shame & boss life

Hi. Anna here!

This week, I'm gettin' real about 3 topics.. (not gonna lie, I have a bit of a vulnerability hangover after this one!)

1. Why I'm no longer offering job interview coaching as part of my services.

2. What this means for my business and how it keeps me closer to my core mission.

3. MONEY - I get real about money, fear, shame, boss life... and I invite you all to join a much needed conversation about our relationship to money, shame about debt, and how we can begin to share our boss life stories with more TRUTH!

Check out the video below, or if audio is more your thing, check out the recording on soundcloud.

I would LOVE to hear people's thoughts about this. Do you want to hear more? Do you want to share your story? (p.s. I'm floating a podcast idea on this topic... so I really want to hear thoughts)

Just hit reply to this email to reach me directly. And if you think others could benefit, please take a second to share with a friend. I know I'm not alone in my thoughts on this topics.

I'm on a life long quest to de-shame all topics... and MONEY is my next target!