So, you wanna pitch your politician!

Hi. Anna here!

My mom called me this weekend with a statement that surprised me!
She told me she had an upcoming meeting with the City to pitch an idea, but had no clue on what goes into a pitch! So, she wanted my help, which cracked me up somehow.
I’m pretty sure it was the first time I felt like my mom actually understood what I do?!? Most days, she still hints that should just drop this whole boss life thing and go back to a 9-5 with health insurance. So, it was comforting to see my mom, of all people, asking for my coaching.
So, this week’s Story Boss Tip is the advice I gave her.
I'm breaking down the 5 key components of a pitch, so you can be prepared; whether it's rocking your sales pitch, or cornering your mayor!! From calling elected officials, to meeting with government staff, I want to make sure you’re advocating for your cause like a BOSS!
Cause let’s be honest, this last year has turned most of us into political activists, for better or worse (sigh...) 😢😢😢
So, check out this week's video and feel free to hit “reply” on this email to let me know your thoughts!

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How to Pitch Your Politician

With love,

Anna Darian

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