Ep 8 // Nicole Amos: If you want something…just ask for it!

This week's episode continues the journey into truly proclaiming that we are not our money.


It starts with me sharing some thoughts on the uncomfortable topic of suicide, depression, and hopelessness, especially as it relates to financial stress... something I know all too well these days!


Then, we jump over to Nicole Amos, career coach and LinkedIn master. Nicole's journey starts in the "projects" of Atlanta, watching reruns on PBS Masterpiece and dreaming of her own life of luxury, British butlers and all! I don't want to spoil a thing, but know that her journey takes just about every financial twist and turn you can imagine, and yet she never lets herself be defined by her circumstances.


Nicole is the living proof that if you want something in life, all you need to do is ask for it! 


Hear the full story!

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