Ep 20 // I thought Prince Charming was going to save the day!

This week, we’re rethinking everything we are told is the pathway to success in life!

First, I share about my life, where I was told that education was the silver bullet to being set up in life. But, perhaps they should have added that a Political Science degree was not what they meant.

But, I’m one of the lucky ones. I managed to get a bachelors AND a master’s debt-free, yay to being raised by a single mom (and Pell Grants).

What I’m learning from this podcast is that many people get themselves into unbelievable amounts of student loan debt at the tender age of 18, because there was no plan B other than a 4-year university… only to find themselves entering adulthood buried in debt! WTF, how is our educations system even legal!

And then, we hear from Buffie O'Neill, a Financial Professional who shares her vulnerable story of being told that marriage was her winning lottery ticket, and then what happened after she realized that she was sold a bad bill of goods. To today, where she is helping others learn what she wished she had known about money as a young woman and mother.


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