Ep 17 // Melissa Dunmore: I’m an artist, but I won’t starve

Oh boy, just when I think I’ve hit my oversharing upper limit, I find myself using the words “doggystyle sex with a white guy…” on-air and still having the nerve to hit publish?!?


I’m not event going to explain that one, you’ll just have to listen to this week’s intro for the full story.


Then, we hear from Melissa Dunmore, who is an amazing artist and social servant who deserved a far more dignified intro than I gave her. But, luckily, we are good friends and I trust she’ll forgive me.


Melissa shares her story, from growing up surrounded by a tribe of powerful Boriquas in Brooklyn, to building a new life in Scottsdale, where she learned the art of navigating the lifelong balance of feeling like an outsider amid the lifestyles of the rich and famous.


We also chat about balancing life as artist, but without the struggle and starvation, and how she’s navigating her money story as she builds a life with her partner and soon to be hubby.


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Connect with Melissa Dunmnore: melissa.dunmore@gmail.com


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- Mixed & edited by Annika Cline
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