Ep 16 // Teevee Aguirre: Re-writing your money story across generations

Shoutout to all the positive lessons our parents taught us!


This week, I take a break from sharing all the negative money beliefs I’ve inherited and instead, give my parents some much needed praise; mostly for showing me that you can have a full life, enjoying things for free!


Then, we continue the parental love by hearing from Teevee Aguirre, who is not only a thriving entrepreneur, but a dad to two wise and financially empowered young women.


Teevee shares his journey from growing up with immigrant parents from Mexico, to venturing into the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship, coming face-to-face with his own scarcity thinking about money, to today, where he is changing the narrative around money that he is passing down to his children. And buying a few bitcoins along the way!


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- Mixed & edited by Annika Cline
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