Ep 15 // Rebecca Tracey: What if making money could just be fun?

Get ready for a Canadian extravaganza this week!


The episode kicks off with some reflections after making a heartbreaking decision to skip an epic dance festival that ALL my friends attended.


Opting instead to spend the weekend reading The Year of Less, a book by Cait Flanders from British Columbia. This woman did a full year shopping ban and her story was so inspirational that I decided to make some radical budgeting decisions in my own life! Hear more about that and the true story behind some of my most reckless spending binges.


Then we hear from Rebecca Tracey of the Uncaged Life, a super powerful and down to earth business and marketing consultant based in Toronto. I’m still in shock that she agreed to come on my podcast!


Rebecca shares her journey from growing up with a mother with mental illness, to a life filled with travel, launching her business on a road trip (just like me!), to now teaching online business owners around the world how to create an uncaged life… without all the bullshit that most business coaches teach.


Also, since she is the most financially successful person I’ve interviewed to date, I took the liberty of asking her some tough questions about what happens when you earn more money than most of your friends, or worse, your partner?!?



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