Ep 14 // Myisha T: Mental health isn’t just for white girls

This week kicks off with my short-lived celebration of getting my first "paycheck" from my new gig, only to find out that after proper budgeting, the money was already spent! A fact that stopped me from a shopping binge that ranged from psychics to matching underwear, say what?!!


Then, we get a sneak peak of an interview I did with this week's guest, Myisha T, on what it looks like for me to work towards being a white ally.


And finally, in honor of July being Minority Mental Health awareness month, we hear from Myisha T herself. She is a mental health activist, author, speaker, and thriving, single MOM-preneur to 3 different-ability children. Myisha shares her journey from bankruptcy to depression.


To today, where she celebrates therapy as a resource for ALL people, and founding Brown Sisters Speak, a non-profit supporting the mental health and wellness for women of color.



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- Mixed & edited by Annika Cline
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