Ep 13 // Dennis Skinner: Pretty fly for a white guy

This week is just plain fun!


First, I invite you to share in my celebration of scoring a nice big contract that is fulfilling for both my heart and my bank account!


Then, I have blast chatting with my friend and fellow former corporate paper pusher turned entrepreneur, Dennis Skinner, who graciously stepped up to serve as the token wealthy white male (minus the yacht).


Dennis takes on a journey from his mid-western upbringing, full of Christian values and not-so-optional tithing. To today, where Dennis lives a life that is rich in all the ways that matter and is pretty darn fly for a white guy.


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!


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With Love,

Anna Darian

Storyteller, Coach, Live Your Dream Enthusiast!


Link to podcast with Kasia Urbaniak mentioned in intro



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Anna Darian