Ep 10 // Fanshen Cox Digiovanni: How do socialists negotiate their salary?

This week, I continue to share my journey into educating myself about whiteness, white supremacy and reflections that have come up in week 1!


Then I'm joined by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni, Actor, Educator, Writer, and Producer, who shares her journey from growing up surrounded by socialist ideology to stepping into adulthood, not only saddle with a mountain of student loan debt, but with an important question... "is it better to suffer in service, or just go to the mall?!?"


To today, where Fanshen tours the country with her one-woman show "One Drop of Love" and works towards greater inclusion in Hollywood through initiatives like the #InclusionRider, and much more! Oh and we also talk about what it was like to negotiate a salary with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, no pressure!


Hear the full story!

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