A podcast that explores our relationship to money…

One story at a time

I started Money Speaks as a fun way to unpack my own complicated relationship to money by inviting friends (and some strangers) to exchange stories; each offering different perspectives, from gender, to race, wealth, poverty, and everything in between... and all choosing to move beyond the silence and shame in speaking about money in public.


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From Our Listeners

Life Changing!

In a world where money conversations are so taboo, Money Speaks is a breath of fresh air. As someone who struggles to have healthy money conversations, this podcast gives me the knowledge and courage to speak up.

WOW! This is powerful.

I'm hooked! Money Speaks podcast utilizes the power of storytelling to crack wide open a topic that most people shy away from, including myself. I could totally relate to Anna's story and now find myself exploring aspects of my own financial life with more courage.

I finally know my money story!

When I first discovered this podcast I thought it would another one of these money-advice giving shows that always make me feel like I’m doing things wrong. But this is an advice free space that shares people’s stories with money - as in, what’s your relationship to it, how did you grow up and how does this impact your life as an adult now. I never thought about it that way! It’s powerful to know your blindspots.

Share your money moment!

Are you inspired by the stories you’re hearing and want to share one of YOUR stories?

Take a moment to share a short story or audio clip of a money moment from your life. They can be funny, sad, or just plain awkward!