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Hi. Anna Darian here. I'm an urban planner, turned storytelling coach, and I help community-minded leaders craft a message that genuinely connects with their audience through public speaking and digital content.

I use the tools of storytelling to help you gain confidence in public speaking by connecting to your purpose, finding clarity in your story, and stepping into your voice!

1:1 coaching

I offer a truly unique approach to crafting your presentation. Together, we’ll take a deep dive into understanding your journey, giving you valuable insights that help you powerfully craft your talk using the power of storytelling.

Cause let’s be honest, standing in front of a room full of people is terrifying!

  • From choosing the right amount of details to share

  • To worrying about forgetting your talking points

  • Or wondering whether people really see you as an “expert”

  • Staying calm with all the deadpan faces looking back at you

  • And don’t get me started about sweaty palms and shaky hands!

Speaking to a crowd brings up all the fight-or-flight instincts, trust me, I’ve been there. But learning the tools of storytelling was the magic trick that changed everything for me, and I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with you.

This is exactly why I created this VIP package to help you craft your next talk!

📣  Build Your Unforgettable Presentation ($590) -> If you have a talk coming up that is making you more than a little nervous, this one is for you! The complete VIP experience to help you figure out what the heck to say AND build a powerful connection with your audience, whether you’re giving a public talk or hosting your own event.

By learning the tools of storytelling, you will be able to confidently share your work in a way that genuinely connects with your audience.


📣 (3) Hours of 1:1 STORY COACHING with me, Anna Darian.

📣 Expertly crafted story-based presentation that both showcases your voice, values, and why your work matters.

📣 An easy-to-use structure to build your presentation, and remember ALL your talking points!

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What Others Are Saying

I got an offer for my dream job today, and I owe it to the storytelling session I had with Anna! Before, interviewers wouldn’t understand my path very well. After my session with, I could better tell the story of how I came to be where I want to be now. I used to feel insecure when I couldn’t project clearly what I had done. The session was a huge boost in confidence!"

- Jane


"I owe it to Anna for teaching me how to embrace the power of my own story, as well as the responsibility I have to my community to tell it. Working with Anna has also prepared me to convey my most authentic and best self in a more impactful way, which has lead me to public speaking opportunities and job offers from my top choice companies!"



After my coaching session with Anna, I felt more confident…and that confidence was a big part in me landing the job I have now at Google. I could feel her passion and knew that she was rooting for me.

- Rich

“Anna is part storyteller, part counselor, and my experience with her has been invaluable. I enlisted her help at a critical time in my life, when I was not only in the process of pivoting into a new role, but reflecting on my entire career path to ensure the new role was the right fit for me. Anna helped me make sense of my career path by focusing on the pivots, of which there were many, and trying to understand the underlying motivations behind the changes.”

- Zara


Anna is really skilled at listening and reflecting back. It’s really powerful! For her to connect my themes blew me away. I loved hearing about her process of storytelling. Her values of warmth and honesty totally come across which builds a lot of trust.”

- Valerie


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