Hi. Anna Darian here.

I'm an urban planner, turned storytelling coach, and I help community-minded leaders craft a message that genuinely connects with their audience through public speaking and digital content.

I use the tools of storytelling to help you gain confidence in public speaking by connecting to your purpose, finding clarity in your story, and stepping into your voice!

Photo credit: The Storyline Collective

Photo credit: The Storyline Collective

I'm also the proud host of Money Speaks, a storytelling podcast that explores our relationship to money. Here, I host critical conversations with every day people who share how their beliefs about money have shaped their lives; tackling topics like gender, race, immigration, wealth, poverty, sex, and much more!


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My story…


Today, I couldn't be more ecstatic because I'm living my dream! But, this wasn't always my life.


When storytelling entered my life, I was working as an economic developer in local government. Yup, I was a bureaucrat by day!


But by night, I discovered the magic of performance storytelling! The raw connection and unapologetic honesty I found through the storytelling community was totally addictive. I was hooked!


But there was a problem. This new found freedom reminded me what it felt like to actually be myself. It got harder to check myself back into City Hall, walk the party line, censor my words, my personality, and all the things that made me, well ME!


And I wasn't alone. Most of my coworkers were also drowning with the pressures of splitting their personality.


So, one day, I thought, what if the workplace didn't have to be this way, what if we could actually be ourselves, all day? And maybe, work wouldn't have to be so soul sucking?!?


And, that's when STORY BOSS NATION was born!


Toss the confetti!!!

Cut to today, I get to work with passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are not only thriving by connecting to their story, but crushing their business goals as a result!


I'm thrilled to be living my purpose, and I can't wait to help you forge your BOSS journey!


Anna Darian

Storyteller, Coach, Podcaster and Live Your Dream Enthusiast!


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